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Text for Page 133 [04-26-1858]

brutal Democracy � he admires success too much,
that�s where the flaw lies � talk as though anybody who
couldn�t live without sympathy or affection or happiness were
contemptible.  When Fanny reminded him of his own, often,
exceeding need of it.            I hope Gun may prove a good,
likeable fellow, as I�m predisposed to think.  Just now, I
don�t know whether I haven�t a greater liking for Leslie,
rough Scotchman as he is, than for any man in this house.
One can�t care for those who don�t care for you.   Leslie is
away in Philadelphia, now.    And it�s considerably past mid-
night.     So, for a look at Hannah�s portrait, and bed!
  27.  Tuesday.  To 11th Street.   Found Bellew had moved yester-
night.   Called at Dixon�s to get sketch of him.  Return. Drawing.
Down town in the afternoon.   A dull, cold, brooding day, threatening
snow.   Phonography &c at night.
  28.  Wednesday.  To Davis� gilder�s shop: down town: saw
Pounden: Pic Office &c.  Return. A letter from Mary Anne,
and a very confused one too, all about her affairs and position.
She is boarding, having apparently given up all notion of farming,
and the boys are �hiring out.�   A separate letter contains information
mysteriously hinted at in the last, � that Fred is self-willed,
seems to have no affection for his mother or brother, wants to
�boss it� over everybody &c � and this during his father�s life.
�I consider� writes Mary Anne �that he trampled me under foot.�
/ Phonography at night.        Apropos of the recent Darcie &
Ullman row, it�s pretty well understood that Darcie�s enmity
proceeds from personal spite against the Opera Lessee.   They were,
after a fashion, partners once, Darcie having control of the sale
of the Books of the operas played in the theatre.   Wilkes, his               
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