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Text for Page 134 [04-28-1858]

backer is a more dangerous scoundrel, the more so that he is
clever.   He has a sort of Jonathan Wild connexion with the police
in past years, edited a �Police Gazette� devoted to criminal news,
lives of forgers, thieves and prostitutes, and got extensively involved
in the notorious �torpedo� case which formed a notable chapter of
New York villanies, including forgery, �stool-pigeoning,� theft, and an
attempt at murder by means of an infernal machine.  Then he
went to California.  He �has his crowd� of hangers-on or fighting
men, who�d do bravo work at a word or a nod.   It may be
the knowledge of this that deterred O�Brien from any attempts
at retaliating his licking � though I think O�B would have �let
it slide� without.
  29.  Thursday.  Down town early to Harper�s.   Took notions
to Bonner � four � they were good ones, above the average, but
none of them were accepted.  Back to Phonography.   Wrote letter
to Boutcher.  This and Phonography the rest of the day.   Leslie
up in my room at night.
  30.  Friday.  In doors all the morning.  Phonography and
writing.   The day oppressively close.  Horribly lethargic, so that I
could only keep awake by continual washing face.  Down town
to the Post Office in the afternoon.  Promise in the atmosphere of a 
storm which didn�t come off.   To the new Pic Office � a big room
back second floor in Spruce St.  Up town with Gun.   He and
Leslie in my room at night.  Leslie talking of the �Scottish Ame-
rican Journal,� of Finlay and Latto � and of himself with
that abominable minuteness of ta detail of trivial incidents
which Swift has attributed to his countrymen.  Most men of
little culture are guilty of this.  It was very dreary.  I took
refuge in scissorization and silence.         Altogether a very               
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