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Text for Page 175 [10-03-1850]

              Down stairs having a pipe by the kitchen fire this rest of the evening.
Charley out at his wooing.
  4  Friday.    Down town at 1/2 past 7 in all the glorious freshness
of the morning.  Left the blocks at Strongs, then to Duane Street;
and found Mr Hart, Dillon and Butler just about to start
for Hoboken.   So joining them we crossed at the Canal Street ferry
A pleasantly spent day.  Gathering wild chestnuts, butternuts, hauling
down grape vines, clambering trees, winding our devious ways through
brake and dell and wood and thicket, along the high rocks, where-
from we could look down upon the tall tree tops; the glorious Hudson;
and the white sails beginning it; and the great city, all spread
a Deity-created panorama beneath us.     At noon or thereabouts, de-
cending the steep rocks, (after an impromptu bon fire of dried fir-
trees on the summit of the cliffs)  we imbibed a glass at the shanty-
hotel below, and then, learning that no provant was there to be
drained set off for a three or four miles walk to Weehawken.
Along the dusty road merrily till arriving there we regaled on bread
cheese and ale right hungrily.   That done, (and not in brief time either)
we return; after three parts of an hour devoted to despoiling a chestnut
tree by the road side; Mapother and I mounting aloft, and Mr Hart
and Butler remaining below to get ´┐Żem.      Then after frequent pauses
to eat and crack our woody spoil we jog on.   A sea-bathe by
myself and Mapother on the road.       Evening and sunset as we
wind our way along the pleached Margent of the Elysian Fields.               
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