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Text for Page 139 [05-02-1858]

my name-sake carry up books &c.  Out with him for a
before dinner� walk to Madison Square, the rain and dull-
ness of the last day and a half clearing off bravely.   In doors
till evening.    Chapins� with Mrs Church, then to Edwards�,
where I found Haney.    Matty back from Rochester, and looking
very pretty.
  3.  Monday.  Out.  Drew $12 from Savings Bank to pay
board.  Down town.  Return.  Writing, painfully and slowly
all the afternoon, trying a story for Harper�s .   Warmed up to
it at night � saw my way clear.   O�Brien at supper.  He
had, this day, written a note to Bob Gun, saying that he was
too ill to supply his chapter of a story for the Pic!  Gun
was at table.    O�Brien has chosen to play off some of his
insolent airs at the honest Scotchman�s expense � I believe be-
cause he couldn�t get money from him.     O�B has $4 a column
for his story, and got a suit of clothes out of it, by an order
on an advertising tailor.   All right enough, but the Scotchman
is ten times the better fellow.    He seems a thoroughly effective
business man, hasn�t any miserable affectations, has taught
himself French and German, plays the cornet-a-piston and
flute (a little,) can row and box and is generally healthy-
  4. Tuesday.  Down town. Pic Office.  Bellew there.  With
him to Mataran�s.  While there, talking of a series of articles
on New York Restaurants which it has been partially agreed
upon that I shall do for the Pic � a la Boarding-house Physio-
logy; Bellew said that he happened to speak of it to O�Brien
the other day, when O�B had immediately remarked that he
had long entertained a similar action � we mustn�t be supri-               
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