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Text for Page 140 [05-04-1858]

sed if he anticipated us &c.    This is an old
dodge of O�Brien�s.   His wide-eyed, confident �My dear
fellow, it�s been done before!� or �I had precisely the same
idea!� was so well known that Arnold and Cahill used
to play upon it by informing him of improbable plots for
plays which they (never) intended to write, when it always
appeared that O�B�s luxuriant imagination had anticipated
them!         Not that the idea of sketching the eating-houses
of New York is a very out of the way one � anybody might
have hit upon it.   But �tis a pet trick of O�Brien�s.
Up town. Writing.     /    Rawson has told Mrs Potter that
he thinks his mother is going to get married.  /            The
want of discrimination in judgment of character in one
style of women is curious.       There was talk to-day over
the breakfast table of the expose of the �Swill-milk� business
in Frank Leslie�s paper.   Mrs Potter let fall a remark
intimating that nothing could be true coming from that source.
She has heard us talking of F. L. at table, that his real
name�s Bob Carter &c and � consequently � thinks it equally
due to her sense of morality and judgment to come to that
conclusion!   Exquisite feminine logic!   And she plumes
herself on it, too!            Some time back all the women in
the house went Spiritual Medium-izing, being bitten, in the
first place by Mrs Patten.    Mrs Potter went in for it,
going more than once as bottle-holder to others.   And certainly
the accounts they brought back of the woman � Mrs Porter�s
� performances were singular.    She spelt out names, told
some particulars of lives &c amid a good deal of nonsense,
vulgarity and occasional obscenity.    It was quite the topic               
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