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Text for Page 142 [05-06-1858]

yesterday with the addition of headache.  Met Bel-
lew and Gaylor this morning, and Mr Martin in Wash-
ington Square, as I returned from a call at Dixon�s, to
leave papers.
  7.  Friday.  Down town.   Rain.   Work.
  8.  Saturday.  Writing.  A sunny, pleasant day.  To Brooklyn
in the afternoon, Haney having preceded me.    A pleasant eve-
ning.  All the folks save myself and �Fanny� went to visit
Thomson at his new house in Hampden Street, but finding every-
body out, returned.    Stopped all night.
  9.  Sunday.  With Haney to Thomson�s.  A brother of Mort�s
from Minnesota there, Well�s gone to church and �Chips� is
the country for a day or two.  Over the house, a very pleasant
one, then with Thomson for a stroll Gowanus-way, returning
by 1, leaving Mort at his door.      Dinner at Partons.
All took a windy walk � Grace, Mrs P, Parton, Haney and
I � in the afternoon.     The Thomson�s came at night, Mrs T.
Wells, Doesticks & his brother Clifford.     Returned to New
York through the mist with Haney by 12.             These
Brooklyn visits are my true holidays.  To know how I value
them I have but to think how I should miss them were I de-
prived of the pleasure.           Parton said a good thing � among
hundreds of others � yesterday. �To love is human � but to hate
is Irish!!!�
  10.  Monday.  Writing � in doors all the dull, rainy, lowering
day.   Being in Leslie�s room at 11 or later, with him and Raw-
son, and hearing considerable row on the stairs, we opened
the door and in sepentined Bob Gun with a dog which he
had picked up at �The Store� an adjacent tavern.   He was ab-               
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