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Text for Page 143 [05-10-1858]

surdly drunk, and from it�s behaviour one might have sup-
posed that the dog was in the same condition. For he seemed
ludicrously insecure on his legs, had to stick �em wide apart
to prevent toppling over, and drifted about the room in an ex-
traordinary man.    He was a long legged, thin, black and white
dog of the hound species, and as it appeared almost starved.
When some bread was got for him he almost upset himself in
aiming at it, went on either side of it, and presently got him-
self into in absurdly intricate positions with his head twisted
under the sofa, from which he hadn�t strength to extricate it.
Gun all the time sat on a chair, repeating occasionally that
the animal was a d____d fine dog that he �only wanted a dose of calomel,� and the 
like.  Presently
we got him to his room, dog and all, where he first thanked
Leslie, designating him as a sanguinary Yankee Scotchman,
and then offered to fight him for twopence, because he was
�down on Finlay.�                     Cahill and this Bob Gun
were both out on a debauch yesterday � went to Honey�s in the
morning, came back, Cahill didn�t show at dinner but slept
till 5 � both went out again to the Santa Claus (a drinking
and singing shop) and elsewhere, returning by 4 A. M. in
the morning.      Cahill spent all his money, and consequently,
didn�t pay Mrs Potter anything on Monday.
  11. Thursday.  Drenching, equinoctial weather. Down town,
part of the time with Gun, returning very wet.
  12.  Wednesday.  To Harpers and left story with Guernsey.
Then to Ferris� store, having learnt that Pounden was to embark
for Port au Prince, on account of the firm.      After an hour�s
delay went aboard with him.   An hermaphrodite or �jackass� brig,
some eight or ten sailors, mostly Portugese.    The vessel looked               
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