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Text for Page 147 [05-13-1858]

�the gentleman is hungry.�  Banks feels insulted thereat!
  That little, low Cockney theif of a Watson has borrowed
$4 from the bar-man at Honey�s, entreating him to take it
from the till �for only an hour.�  Of course he has never shown
his measly face there since.   He always comes the sympathy
dodge in his borrowings.
  14.  Friday.   In doors all day, writing.  Phonography at
night.   Rawson Gill returned to the country after his mother. Mrs
Potter got talking today about Mrs� G�s behaviour at auctions.
She always bid under Mrs P�s name, used to get excited by com-
petition and run prices up to twice the value of the article �
sometimes out of spite towards other bidders.  And they�d retaliate,
and tell her of it.          Next day she�d repent and try to shuffle
off paying.    Once the auctioneer out of leniency proposed to
let her off some articles when she immediately fancied that
they were bargains, wouldn�t let him have �em and � had to
dispose of �em at another sale at half price!        Being in a law-
yer�s office with Mrs P. she availed herself of his absensce to read
over every paper.      What infernally mean things women will do
before one another!
  15.  Saturday.   Chores.  Down town.   Met Wurzbach, who is still
working at Frank Leslie�s.  Pic Office.  Bellew there.  To Fulton St.
Saw Strong.   Returned up town, passing O�Brien and a compa-
nion of his.      He rather swellishly dressed and his whiskers of
lighter color than usual.    (He is writing a burlesque, in conjunction
with Stuart (alias O�Flaherty) and another, to be produced at
Wallack�s.     Stuart is an Irish Jew, with bald head, black
beard and very Hebraical features.  He did some extensive
swindling villainy in Ireland, came to this country four               
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