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Text for Page 148 [05-15-1858]

or five years agox, wrote a series of tremendously slashing
articles on Forrest�s acting in his various parts, which
appeared in the Tribune, got connected with the Times, and
finally became the lesee of the theatre, renting it of Wallack.
  A feminine idea of repartee.      Old Patten was blazing away
this morning at churches not daring to pronounce against sla-
very, and using a newspaper jocularity, said, �If I were a
chicken and any of them fellows (clergymen) was around,
I�d roost high, I would!� �But,� said Mrs Potter, with a
delightful simper, indicative of the consciousness of getting off
a good thing, �chickens are not good this time of year�!!!!
  Phonography at night.     Thunder, lightning and rain, after
a warm day.      Cahill�s just come in (11 P. M.) not having
been to the tavern.   He made a bet with Haney that he would
not drink intoxicating liquor for a month � wagering a parcel
of tobacco � and is trying to win it.    Leslie�s in Philadelphia.
He went off this morning having partially subdued his boils.
Going into his room after breakfast to arouse him, I found
a man there against whom he began to rail directly the door
had closed on the object.  It seems this man had owed him
some two or three hundred dollars, and before �bursting up�
made Leslie safe by assigning property to him, to � of course
� the damage of other creditors.  (This appears a pet dodge
of Leslie�s.)     He says, however, that he lent the man the money.
  x He was Receiver of the Income tax, swindled the govern-
ment and �cooked� his accounts, till flight became necessary.
He has a brother who was M. P. for Galway till unseated 
for bribery.               
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