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Text for Page 176 [10-04-1850]

              A holy tranquillity above and around; the red sun sinking in a
sea of glory, yellow bars on the water; myriads of white sails up the
river, water calm and still, and a deep intense blue above, with
here and there a star pinning nights anticipatory mantle. Oh me
that there should be sorrow and suffering in such a world as this!
	Returned at 7 and parted and the Ferry.
  5.  Saturday.   Just about to go out when a letter was brought
me. Found it to be from Waud, Danthorn�s pupil in years bygone,
introductory to his brother, who waited below.   So had him up, and read
the billet.    This young fellow just been one day in New York. So
went out with him.      I called on Anderson, who told me he expected
he should need me in three or four days.   (I trust he may. Amen!)
Then to a boarding Hotel nigh into the Battery where I was made
acquainted with a Mr Bellinger, a fellow voyager with Waud.   All
the morning doing the honors of the City; shewing them the public buildings
&c. � Parted, and after looking in at Corbyn�s and getting proof of
the two sketches I returned.     Drawing in the afternoon: till daylight
�gan to decrease: when the two newly arrived Emigrants came.   Out
with them after supper.   To Holts, where I introduced them to the old
woman; then to their own diggings.  Mr B�s wife and a joint pro-
duction of three years old there.   In an oyster cellar; then left them,
and returned back up Greenwich; ruminating on the approaching de-
parture of Mr Hart & Dillon for Dover, New Jersey: having
heard from the latter that such was the intent on the ensuing Monday,               
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