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Text for Page 149 [05-15-1858]

If so, it�s a very unwanted proceeding.   Well, the man, on 
the strength of this, came to borrow $10, being very hard up.
Leslie began to splurge and object saying he �never lent  money,
would rather give, &c.�    So the man asked him to give the sum.
�I did�nt say I�d do that,� quoth Leslie.       Finally he made a
half appointment with the man at his office � knowing that
at that time he would be on his way to Philadelphia! � his 
gold bracelet and cameo brooch � value over $100 � in pocket
as presents to Miss Bella Farr.          It�s a very opulent-young-
liquor-merchant�s wooing after all.     He has an idea that to
shower gifts upon her is the right thing to do � the sort of con-
duct expected of him, and tells her she�d better take all she
can get before marriage, as she may not get anything after-
wards.  I take it she�s an amiable, rather self willed and
slightly pietistic girl of twenty.  His letters, which he reads
to me after composition are extraordinary productions.  With
a pencil and a sheet of paper he sits laboring over �em, for
a whole evening, copies the result out fairly at his counting-
house in the morning, makes another copy to keep by him �
just as if it were a business transaction � and then sends
No 2 off.     They are ungrammatical, tantological, lumber-
ourdly exaggerated in sentiment, and always contain a snatch
of heavy poetry which he ahs hunted up with infinite pains
out of Scott, or a Poetical Quotation Book.       I chaff �em
throughout, he defending every violation of grammar &c very
good naturedly.    His common inquiry is �Do you want to see
another �idiotic epistle?�      Sometimes however he thinks he
has acquitted himself quite finely.               
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