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Text for Page 151 [05-17-1858]

It was curious to watch Bellew�s face during Banks� jabber.
Patience, wonder, dismay, consternation and exhau-
stion succeeded each other.   He said just four brief sentences du-
ring the continuance of the performance.   Gun was alternately
talking to me and inviting all of us to drink.    It rained hard
when we got out � Banks talking Bellew to the door, every-
body looking at him � so Gun must needs have us into �The Store�
for more drinks.    Bellew escaped, and I got my abbreviated
namesake home by half past twelve.
  18.  Tuesday.  Down town to �Golden Prize� Office, saw Arnold
and left M. S.   To Pic Office. Bellew there and Gun.  Rain; rode
uptown.   Evening, round to Arnold�s, with him, Sears and a
fellow boarder.                                       I was introduced to Her-
bert in 1849, on coming to this country, at Stringer and Town-
send�s the publishers.   Having seen a portrait of �Ned Buntline�
and not knowing the fellow�s character, I fancied Herbert the
man and thinking the recognition might be a compliment (!)
said so!   The publishers roared but Herbert got rather exci-
ted, exclaiming �For God�s sake don�t take me for that scoun-
drel! � call me Burke or Hare, or Thurtell, but not Ned
Buntline.        I have seen him more than once subsequently, and
remember him at the �Sachem� office door with Picton and others
about him.     He impressed me as a very overbearing, self willed
man.    As an instance of his passionate nature, he once drew
a bowie knife in Stringer & Townsend�s office, set a box wood
block up edgewise and chopped it to pieces.   He had made a
drawing on it which wasn�t wanted, and which they demurred
at paying for or something of the sort.    One of the publishers
was horribly frightened.          Herbert�s death, like North�s,               
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