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Text for Page 153 [05-19-1858]

exhibits the dreadful egotism commonly attendant on
suicides.   Most men seem to think their death�s by their own
hand will produce a very great sensation.    Herbert�s prayer
wont be respected by the press, but Silence will settle down
upon his memory soon enough.
  19.  Wednesday.  Down town.  Writing to Hannah, at night.
Gun up.  He says he had $1000 in bank some few months
back, of which only $2 remain, the rest having been ex-
pended mainly on the Picayune.
  20.  Thursday.  Harpers.  Bonner out of town.  Talk
with Nordhoff and two of the firm.   They had dealings with
Herbert, lost considerable money by him, and spoke of his im-
perious temper.    Post & Pic Offices.  Tailors.        A letter from
George Bolton.   He writes less morbidly than usual and tells
something of Canadian farm life.   The hard times and buil-
ding a house left John Conworth without a dollar; his sister
and George�s money only saved him from law suits.  Next har-
vest will put him right again.   With his two brothers and the
rest the work is light.  They live roughly and easily, on
their own products, feeding almost exclusively on swinesflesh
and only buying tea and coffee.   No beer � only whiskey �
George gets no pay.  Two men can farm 100 acres very
well.  Land which ten yers ago could be purchased for
$20 per acre now sells for $80.   George projects going fur-
ther west � not for a year though.   Mentions that Mr
Bezly of Bloxam is about to retire from his farm.
  Drawing all the afternoon.  Phonography at night.
  21.  Friday.  Drawing &c.  Down town in the afternoon.
Gun & Bellew at the Pic Office.  Returned up town with the latter.               
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