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Text for Page 158 [05-25-1858]

band, thinks him rather an agreable man than othersise,
and fancies that his odious attempts at jocularity � chiefly con-
sisting in dreary lying � are very clever.      Tacitly everybody
shuns the man.    She is older than he, and probably
she rules him � �tis a pity she can�t do it more thoroughly.
  I saw little Miss Brooks one day last week, for five minutes.
She called on her brother, and, I thought, looked rather sick.
  26.  Wednesday.  In doors all the drenching day.  Chores,
phonography, letter to Dillon Mapother.    Gun playing cribbage
with Haney at night, he a little boozy.  Cahill with Clapp at
Wallacks to see a new burlesque by Stuart, O�Brien and another.
It was produced last night, not a success.  Haney & Clapp called
for the authors but the less interested audience requested them to
�Dry up!� So a scene with three stuffed figures, prepared for the
occasion, wasn�t available!!
  27.  Thursday.  Round to Arnold�s for half an hour.  Cahill
there.   Rain all day sans intermission.   Phonography.  Letters
to my mother and Naomi.
  28.  Friday.  A dubious day clearing up into sunshine.
Down town; Frank Leslie�s &c &c.    Return.  Phonography
at night.   I feel illish and have just been sick in the
English sense.     Cahill determined on total abstinence
or nearly so, penitent and grave.    Anecote told by him
of the recent �drunk.� He and Gun are in �the Store.�  Barman,
to the latter. �Are you looking for your friend Sir?  He is un-
der the table!� Gun reels round and tumbles on top of him.
  29.  Saturday.  To Harper�s.  Bonner back.   To Leslie�s,
Pic Office &c.   Phonography.     Sick, to bed by 7 1/2.
30.	Sunday.  With Haney, Cahill & Gun to Hoboken.  There               
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