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Text for Page 177 [10-05-1850]

              there to abide for some six weeks or so.    Found them in at Patons,
with Mr Richardson and the Catholic priest.  Talk for a season.
Then a young fellow coming up demanded speech with me.  It
was Boyd the Engraver and �Artist (!)� and the matter was, � He
had been requested to make a sketch for the Ned Buntlinean title;
which he had done. And lately had heard that I had, also; whereupon
he fancied that his drawing was to be used sans payment!    Ex-
plained matters to him pretty stiffly, not over-pleased that any one should
chose to arrogate to himself the notion that I�d do, or needed to do
so dirty an action.  He professed himself satisfied.            Returned
�home� tired out and weary hearted.          Charley leaveth on
Saturday next. His brothers the eldest about to wed, and the
house to be jointly occupied by the three.    Dull enough.   He�s
a fine fellow, though egotistic.              Why don�t I hear from
Barth, and from M?
  6. Sunday.   Joe and Mr Hart calling, went together to
the Church I attended with Charley last Sunday.   Afterwards a walk
about Washington Square, and then returning, parted with Joe on
Canal, and Mr Hart on Hudson.       After dinner writing.
Waud called at about 4.    Inklings of his life and adventures; also
of his brother�s career at Danthorne�s, forming a characteristic picture
of Young England and the rising generation.     How �the governer�could 
manage none of them, and that not a cool word had passed between father
and son for a year or more.   How Danthorn�s pupils behaved, having detain-               
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