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Text for Page 160 [06-10-1858]

so, bringing lots of newspapers and sitting with me
of evenings.      The Edwards, too, showed exceeding kind-
ness.   Sally & Matty sent up once jellies and straw-ber-
ries and their father and Jack came and stayed one
eveing.   Jack called also more than once in the day time.
A Dr Dolby came up and spent an afternoon with me.
�Doestick�s� & Wood called severally.   From the last I
learn that Sol Eytinge got married on Monday, (the 7th) night.
The bride�s sisters � two of them; Thomson and his mother
were present, H. Ward. Beecher officiating.   Wood sys Sol�s
mother knows of the marriage and had visited Allie previously.
Allie playfully suggested to Wood that he should marry Josey
at the same time.             Wrote to George Bolton nd to Alf
Waud.        Bellew came up one evening with Gun.    The latter
has visited me two or three times.   On the Sunday night of
our Hobokenizing it appears that two women in male costume
called upon him, staying in his room for an hour or two!
They, misled by the name, first came up to my room; I, in
bed, sick, with the door locked thought �em washer women and
sent �em down stairs!         Cahill has lost his berth on the
Mercury, some two or three weeks back.  I learnt it then, though
he has said nothing of it.          With Arnold he�s produced a farce,
which after the usual bandyings from hand to hand, has been
rejected by Stuart.           Lovely, hot summer weather out of
doors all this time � folks complaining of the heat.      Only
a sick man knows how many noises there are abroad in the
day time.    I have the liveliest consciousness of every stroke
of the trowel which goes to complete a tall tenement house
which has just risen in our rear, marring our look-out on               
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