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Text for Page 161 [06-10-1858]

our left.    And I have a particular admiration for
the explosive patriotism of Young and Hobly-de-hoysih
America, which always commences a full month before the
4th of July.       There�s an ass in this vicinity who has fired
of a pistol at least ten times every evening, not to mention
his day performances too, for the last fortnight.    And I
never hated street organs before.
  11 & 12.  Friday & Saturday.  Getting better.
  13.  Sunday.   Down stairs.  In the afternoon took
a walk to Broome St, calling on the Jewell�s.    Found them
supping in the basement.  A pretty spacious, emptyish house
in a questionable neighborhood.  Plenty of latticed doors
in the vicinity and, on hot summer evenings, bare-armed
promenade along the sidewalks.        To Chapin�s, and
subsequently to the Edwards�.    Haney there.
  14.  Monday.  Out, to get physic only.   Working, wearily
and ill.
  15.  Tuesday.  Having got a drawing on wood of Alf
Waud�s from Cahill which arrived last Thursday or
Friday, and was confided to him by Haney that it
might reach me an hour sooner � and which he, being 
probably on a drunken spree with my asinine namesake,
left somewhere in Broadway, only appearing with it
this morning � I took it to Bonner.     About all the
morning, and quite tired out.  To the doctors and
Arnold�s at night.        Neither Cahill nor Gun appear
at table at all now.    The farmer is doing nothing an
paying Mrs P. nothing.    You hear of both of them as entring
taverns in a strobe of idotic drunkenness.               
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