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Text for Page 162 [06-16-1858]

  16.  Wednesday.  Wrote to Waud.   Phonography.
Out for a walk in the afternoon, the sun appearing for the
first time these two (or more) days.   Met Selina Jewell,
and presently Banks, who began talking of a $250 story
he wanted me to write for a Sunday paper &c!!        It
appears Sol Eytinge accompanied Thomson in a recent visit
to Boston.   It being Sunday they couldn�t find Waud.
  17.  Thursday.  Writing & Phonography till 5.  Banks
came up.    To Brooklyn.  Parton and Fanny had to go
out in the evening.   Sat and read Lamb and Tennyson
to Grace.       Felt very weak and slept little.
  18.  Friday.  Returned to New York with a pocket full of
books.   Blazing hot.   To Mercury Office, saw Caldwell
about story.  They�ll pay $250 for a tremendously long
one, to run eleven weeks, eight or nine hideously long columns
each week.   Don�t think it�ll pay.       To Frank Leslie�s.
Wood there as casheir.   To Pic Office, saw Gun.   Met
Kelly in Broadway; told me he�d just got married. A
letter from Hannah awaiting me at Bleecker St.
Drawing and writing.   In the evening with Gun to Bellew�s
present boarding-house, 22nd street.     O�Brien has got into
another row, as he confessed to Bellew, in consequence of
his own insolence.     He was drunk and �insulting everybody�
at the New York Hotel � a place where he is in extreme ill
odor) having �shewn it up� in Harper�s some months ago,)
when a Nicaraguan captain or colonel, resenting his re-
marks, licked him infernally, blacking both his eyes, dama-
ging his nose and administering pugilistic punishment gene-
rally.          Bellew had visited him to-day.                 The               
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