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Text for Page 165 [06-20-1858]

Irish friend is licked rather often.   He pockets it, too.
I never heard of his licking anybody excepting an old man
employed about the Times Office, four or five years ago,
who objected to being �ordered about� by O�B.
  21.  Monday.   Phonography.  Drawing.  Writing to
Hannah at night.   Did not stir out, except to the end of
the street, all day.   A perfect tornado raging in the after-
noon, in which churches and buildings were blown down, trees
up-rooted and people killed.
  22.  Tuesday.  Down town.   To Harper�s, Leslie�s, Post
& Pic Offices, returning up town per omnibus.  Knees
much swollen still.     Went to see the Jewell�s in the evening.
  23.  Wednesday.   Wrote to Alf Waud, inclosing $8 from
the Harpers.   Gun and Cahill lazying abed till 11, after
their fashion, and grinning � in the adjoining room � over
(probably) their last night�s drink.  (I don�t know this, how-
ever.)   Writing, Phonography, &c.  Down town in the after-
noon.   Met �Fanny� and Grace, with whom I walked a block
or two.  Fanny spake of a recent escapade of hers.   How she
had put on a suit of �Jim�s� clothes, and accompanied him in
an evening�s ramble through New York, dropping into a
lager bier cellar, billiard room, &c and got weighed in
a street-machine!     Grace, too, had ventured on a mild pro-
menade a la Amazon, in Brooklyn.           Very American.
To F. Leslie�s, proof correcting.   Pic Office.  Met Thomson.
Return.   To bed early, in pain; knees still sprained and
swollen, and liver apparently pressing against ribs, so that
when I expand my chest I experience a sharp, burning ache.
24.	Thursday.  Phonography.  Down town between 12               
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