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Text for Page 168 [07-31-1858]

  I have let July pass unrecorded.   Some two
or three days after the last entry I suffered a relapse
into sickness which soon brought me to bed again.  This
time I suffered ten fold.  After horrible neuralgic
pains in the teeth and jaws, the medecine I had taken
salivated me.   Tongue and gums were swollen,
while sleepless nights passed with blood and saliva coming
from the latter.   Only laudanum procured me sleep,
and that not always.   I got to take it in pretty large
doses, commencing at night with 75 drops, and making
up the hundred during the interval till morning.  I was
weak to the last degree � nothing but gruel, broth, ice-
cream and physic going into me.       Doctor came every
two days.      Other folks came, �Doesticks� (twice), Par-
ton and �Fanny,� one evening, as I lay abed in my
attic.    The cursed celebration of the Fourth brought
me three days of misery in the shape of row.      When
I could do anything I read (Lockhart�s Scott) and tried
Phonography, but had to drop the latter for the time.  Wrote
home.       After some ten or twelve days of bed I got
about, indoors � not to feel much better.    Weather
at first painfully hot, then temperate, for July.
  The month has gone leaving me weaker and thinner
than I have ever known myself.    Everything fatigues
me.    If I go down town it is at an old man�s pace,
to ride back and find myself used up for the day.
Half an hour�s writing or drawing tires me so that I
must lie down if but for ten minutes.   I am subject               
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