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Text for Page 170 [07-31-1858]

stance to others.                   The family, now, with the
exception of Nelly who stays with the Thomsons are
on a Canadian and eastern tour.                 We have some
changes in our boarding-house.      Miss Cooper, Mrs Pot-
ter�s sister has returned to Niagara.    Mrs Eldredge and
child are on a visit to Elmira.    Rawson Gill is off to Nic-
aragua again, having, he says, got a berth this time. The
chap came up to say good bye to me ere starting.   His bitch
of a mother had almost discarded him.    I hear nothing of
her except that she has not got married.   Patten�s baby
is like to die.     The father waxes more of a hog than ever,
and on more than one occasion has actually insulted all the
persons present at the dinner table, on the usual Anglo-
phobic question.  There�s a feud between him and the nasty
Irishman Pounden pere.   He is as usual, gets drunk,
does nothing and lives on his wife.   She goes teaching, daily,
to Staten Island, and is a good though narrow-minded
woman.     She believes in her pig of a husband, laughs at
his jokes, quotes his opinions and considers him a decided-
ly agreable and facetious person.      The man is so odious
that everybody detests him.       Mrs Church goes to Eu-
rope in three weeks.   On the last day of this month she
went to see Washington Irving, an old friend of her fath-
ers, as of herself.   She had a delightful day at Sunny-
side, and told me some particulars.        We have a fa-
mily of new Boarders, a Mr Bradbury, wife and daugh-
ter.   He, a good sort of north-of England man with
an accent sounding very Yorkshire, his wife an American
and nothing particular, their daughter a girl of 13               
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