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Text for Page 171 [07-31-1858]

or 14, very ostentatiously-officious, rude, good-
natured (I think) and ubiquitous.    She seems under
no sort of constraint from parents.           Mrs Jewell
has got a divorce from her husband, and will pro-
bably marry again (!) � a man who knew both her &
had a late partner in their boy & girl days.    I hear nothing
from Alf Waud.    Dillon Mapother has written to me.
He is to be married on September 20, at Detroit.
Cahill is writing Charades & �Tableaux� for a cheap
publisher. He works round at Arnold�s.  Gun gets drunk
now and then but not for a week together.   Haney edi-
torializes a little for the Sunday Courier and has done
some reporting for the Tribune.

  1.  Sunday.  A hot walk in the morning.  Called at
the Edwards� in the evening.  All the girls and Jack in
the country.    Finished a letter to Hannah on my return.
  2.  Monday.   To Spring St Post Office.    Return, wri-
ting.   Chores.   To the Doctor (Blakeman�s substitute) in the
afternoon, through a spinkling of rain.    Finished Lockhart�s
Scott in the evening.
  3.  Tuesday.  The Pattens� baby died last night, or rather
this morning in Mrs Church�s arms.  She has sat up in the
sick room of late.   They had prayers and addresses in the
parlor, this afternoon, from Martin and another, and subsequent
by Patten started for Maine, with the body of the child, to the fa-
mily burial-place.    A wet, lowering day, ending in heavy rain.
  Did Chores.   At 4 � walked to the business end of the town,               
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