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Text for Page 175 [08-05-1858]

Met Selina Jewell who told me that Alf Waud intends
coming to New York, and that she herself is going to
get married in November.   A boarding-house intimacy.
She�s often talked of �him� to me, but never seemed to con-
sider herself obliged to drop other flirtations or familiarities with others in
any degree.  Says he�s �a pretty man,� �goodnatured� &c.  She
is a girl of good instincts, no education or culture and no
more idea of the responsibilities of marriage than could be ex-
pected from her affinities.       She�ll do her duty as far as
she knows how, and they�ll get along as God pleases!  Some
few visits back she asked me why I didn�t get married. I
told her the truth, I couldn�t afford to. �I shouldn�t be very
expensive!� said she.   I gave her a bit of a sketch of married
poverty, drawing on my knowledge of the Greatbatches.  �I
wouldn�t have children!� was her comment.    Damnably Ame-
rican!      It never occurs to any of them that this sort of
thing may be wrong.    Any Englishman who hasn�t got de-
civilized by long residence here, and who is over one and twen-
ty is an ass if he marries an American.
  6.  Friday.  Doctor back from Saratoga � saw him.
In the evening over to Pounden�s with him.   The Captain
of the vessel which took him to Haiyti, and who nursed him
very kindly during a short but severe attack of yellow
fever, on their return, was to have accompanied us, with
his daughters, but they didn�t appear.   Pounden�s wife�s sis-
ters and other girls in the house, so that it looked quite
full.   Mrs P friendly and talkative as usual.   She is
a very good-meaning woman, a good wife and manager
and unquestionably fond of her child and husband.  But               
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