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Text for Page 177 [08-07-1858]

Eytinge, Whiting &c at the door.   Round to Pic Office
with Bellew, then returned Bowerywards, tired and
  8.  Sunday.  In-doors.   A walk in the evening.
  9.  Monday.  To Doctor.  Phonograph.  An afternoon
walk, during which I met Banks.   Writing till midnight.
  10.  Tuesday.  Returned from an early morning�s walk, Cahill
came into my room blaming himself for a �b____y fool,� having
been on a drunken spree with Gun, lasting till 5 this morning.
He, Cahill, seems to have been working pretty steadily of late,
writing Charades &c for a speculative publisher.   Says he�s got
a check for $90, payment.   So he went off to get the money.
Phonography.  Drawing on wood till evening, then out.  Drop-
ping in at Arnold�s I found my respectable namesake in a
state of imbecile drunkenness, just going out with Sears, Arnold�s
chum.   Cahill and Arnold had just stepped out for supper
and presently returned, both drunk, Cahill extremely so
though not to Gun�s extent.  It seemed they had got the money,
Cahill came back to Bleecker St, paid Mrs Potter $20, bought
himself a $12 coat, and then joining the others continued
yesternights debauch.   They had a woodcock-and-wine dinner
at Mataran�s, drank claret, champagne and port, bought
apples and peaches in the streets and pelted people with them.
Gun they dropped at a tavern.   Risking getting apprehended
more than once in Broadway for their generally conspicuous
behaviour , the �spree� had continued to the present time.
These details had hardly been told before a �lady� visitor to Arnold
was announced. �Guess it�s Heloise!� says somebody.   So we
left.    Cahill then declared he must go to �his girl.� I wan-               
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