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Text for Page 179 [10-06-1850]

              fumigation, imbibation of whiskey and water et cetera till eleven.
Then, leaving Mr Hart and Dillon at the Duane Street door, walked
home meditatively.    To-morrow they go to Dover.
  7. Monday.   Drawing all the morning. Scene at a Mock
Auction.    In the afternoon to Corbyns. Got the $2 for the little
drawings.  Then called at the Eagle, Greenwich, whereat Waud & his
friend stop; and they not being within, returned to Canal.     Writing.
Waud called, but after half an hour left.     Writing on during the
evening till 11.
  8. Tuesday.   Just going out when Waud called, therefore he ac-
companyed me.   To Nassau Street; the �Sun� Office, where he inserted an
advertisement; to the Post Office, where I posted letter for home; then left him
at the Atlas Office.     Called there and saw the tri-editorial Cerberean
cubs there officiating, Ropes, Herrak and big dog of Arkansas.    Then up
stairs to Life Office, Van Fleet & Ward.     Then to Boyd, found that he
had altogether mistaken the drawing affair, for the which he apologized.  Then
to the Office of the �Sunday Mercury�, whereat I must call again.  Then to the
Buntlinean Office, then, it being 1 back to Canal.  �Loafing�during afternoon.
Evening after a neutral toss-up went to the Broadway to see Miss Cushman
play Rosalind in �As you like it,� from which I am just returned.     The
piece clipped and altered as is wont with harlotry players now a days.
For instance the musings of Jacques on the stricken deer was placed
in his own mouth, spoken to the Duke and company � a monstrous ab-
surdity.     Miss Cushman played prettily in some scenes; albeit as a               
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