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Text for Page 179 [08-11-1858]

pleasant and amusing.   A great crowd towards evening,
perhaps 15,000.   I saw no drunkards or rows.   The only
palpable blackguards  distinguishable by their talk, were Ameri-
cans.      There is a revolting ferocity about the phraseology of
the American rowdy which is very characteristic.   His words
teem with suggestions of violence, and absolutely seem to drip
with blood.          Where the English blackguard threatens merely
to �punch your head�  the Yankee proposes to �mash your eye
in� or to �spile� your anatomy in some horrifying way or ano-
ther.     His pet names for rowdy clubs, �Blood-tubs,� �Plug-
Uglies,� �Killers� &c testify to his interent, ineradicable
brutality.    I believe no lower order of European nationality
is so utterly depraved.         Fireworks completed the en-
tertainment and we got back to town and a meal at
Haney�s by 10 1/2.         Met Poole, his wife, Ed. Wells  and
Paterson during the day, at Jones Wood.
  12.  Thursday.   To Doctor.   Down town in the afternoon.
Haney off for a three-days� Jersey holiday to the place where
the Edwards� girls are stopping.   Parton and the others
have returned from their Canadian trip.           /   Since the
death of her child Mrs Patten has gone deeper into �Spirit-
ualism,� visiting a �Medium� thrice, having interviews � if
they may be called so � with the spirit of the defunct baby,
and learning that �it is happy.�  The cannon dodge.  Also
she is informed that she may become a �writing medium.�
They tell almost all visitors this, as it makes proselytes
by tickling their vanity.    That Mrs Porter assured me
I was a powerful �healing medium!� Old Patten says these
pursuits will �ease her (his wife) off!�    Mrs P               
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