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Text for Page 180 [08-12-1858]

has a friend stopping here with her, as a comfor- 
ter.   She is a widow, has been married twice, and went
to Caliornia, via Mexico, in 1849, lived in tents, kept
a boarding-house &c and tells amusing but exaggerated
stories of her San Francisco experience.   She�s not at
all good-looking though, I think, good-humored, professes
to be a Swedenborgian in creed and talks palpable Yankee.
Among other things, in conversation with Mrs Church and
myself, one evening, she narrated a facetious (!) dialogue
between herself and her mother, an old woman of seventy,
in which she had rallied her parent about how she�d look
in her coffin, told her she shouldn�t let a good, new
night-gown be wasted on her corpse, with much more
of the same delightful jocularity!          This is a bit of
Yankee nature I have noticed heretofore � the absence of
all feeling of the sacredness of death or parentage.   I dare
say this woman is a good average daughter, but jesting
on such a subject argues a coarseness of nature which
is � thoroughly American!         /           Leslie�s engagement
with Miss Bella Farr has snapt � perhaps permanently.
Cause a spice of jealousy on his part and an indefinite
conviction that she didn�t manifest enough fondness for
him!   He told her this, suggesting they�d better postpone
matrimony till spring &c and subsequently wrote her
a letter which made a break-off optional.   Now he
begins to calculate on getting his presents � pretty valuable
ones � returned!         This is his account.    They may
splice matters again.    I suppose the girl knowing she
has money and other admirers, not knowing much               
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