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Text for Page 181 [08-12-1858]

of her own feelings and having a bit of will of her own
was well enough inclined to get married, but didn�t
care very much for the individual.     Plenty of girls marry
with little better than lukewarm indifference for their bride-
grooms.          /      Pierce and little Nina Brooks are at
  13.  Friday.  Writing & Phonography.  A Broadway
walk at sunset, and then to writing again, which I kept at
till midnight.   Sol Eytinge appeared at the dinner table
to-day, brought hither by Cahill.   Sol looks well, as if matri-
mony and petticoat rule agreed with him.  He is streadier, I
fancy, than heretofore.
  14.  Saturday.  To Doctor.  A letter from home, from
my mother and Naomi.   It contains a �10 order, from
my father � sent, so my mother writes, �without any persua-
sion.� God bless him for it!  It brings with it a bit of rebuke
to me, for I�d thought hard things of him, sometimes.
Phonography, writings &c.   Down town to F. Leslie�s on the
usual errand and with the usual result.   Bellew was there
too, and Thomson  both a little irate at not getting money.
Wood taking out of the safe a handsome gold watch, presented 
to Greeley by the Tribune printers, Bellew jocularly hooked
it and was walking off down-stairs.    He swore if Leslie
had been the producer, instead of Wood, he wouldn�t have sur-
rendered the watch, till Leslie had cashed up in full.   Sol
Eytinge was present and Otterson of the Tribune.    We all,
at the latter�s suggestion, dropped into a big lunch-restaurant
under the Times� new building � there to take drinks where
six months ago were graves and dead bodies, for it was               
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