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Text for Page 182 [08-14-1858]

the site of the old Brick Church.     Cahill, the
Mejor and Bellew�s brother joine us here.    Ottarson
was very lively and bibilous, trying on the hat or cap
of every man in the party, wrestling with �Doesticks� &c.
The Mejor looked seedy and half-shaven, and bored me
with details about a trial of guns, in which the one he
is to be �agent� for was defeated � through the villany
and gross bribery of rivals, of course.    He told me also
that he sailed for Europe next week � that my bowie-
knife should be replaced � to which I listened as if I believed
it.   Bellew�s brother is a tall, acquiline-nosed  mustached
fellow who has been in Australia.             I took my mug
of lager and seeing the company were in for a very indefi-
nite number of cock-tails, left.        Cahill reported that
most of �em got rather toddied subsequently.        To-bed
early, feeling ill and tired.
  5. Sunday.  To Parton�s in the afternoon.  Both �Fanny�
and Grace had got bad colds in Canada, especially the
former, inasmuch that she coughed very much.   A walk
to Thompson�s, with Grace and Nelly in the evening, re-
turning to stay all night.
  16.  Monday.  Blazing hot.  Called at Pounden�s and
with him to New York, he entertaining me by the way
with the detail miseries of his household, sisters-in-law,
Biddies &c.  He talked of nothing else.   To F. Leslie�s, then
up town.    Afternoon to Doctor.    Haney back from Jersey.
  This day, or rather this night, the first messages crossed
the Atlantic by sub-marine telegraph.         I put down this
as one of the greatest events that has occurred during my               
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