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Text for Page 183 [08-16-1858]

life-time.    To me, whose faith in the achievements of
man has always been large and hopeful, the incredulity
of most folks about this enterprise has been surprising.
Not an American, excepting perhaps Haney, do I know, who
believed in it�s success.  Only yesterday �Doesticks� was denoun-
cing it to me as a humbug; my Doctor as quite edifying, a
week ago on his skepticism.        I suppose the majority are
always inclined to be on the old world, conservative side;
if the thing fail they then pride themselves on their superior
sagacity, if it be a success every body is so well pleased
that all croakings and croakers are forgotten.    I�ve noticed
this in relation to the friends or attendants on sick people.
Shakes of the head and �I don�t think he�ll live!� has estab-
lished the reputation of innumerable Mrs Gamps!      Cahill
and Sears in Gun�s room.    The first and last
out subsequently drinking and burglar-chasing, in which
Cahill got his breeches torn.   This was at 2 A. M.
  17.  Tuesday.  Corbyn up to invite me to a day�s fish-
ing.  Going round to Arnold�s to notify him also, in com-
pany with Cahill, they went to a tavern, met Gun,
and fell to drinking.     Cahill came back about 4, drunk
� he had not recovered, at breakfast time, from his last 
nights debauch.     In doors at Phonography and scribbling
till evening.   Talking with Mrs Church after supper,
and subsequently walked down town with her and Mrs Potter,
to see the illuminations, but we were two hours behind time.
  18.  Wednesday.  Down town early.   To Frank Leslie�s,
in the editorial room.   Old Powell telling slanderous lies about
Dickens.    To Pic Office.  Return up town.  Writing till mid-night               
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