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Text for Page 187 [08-22-1858]

found the pillow covered with blood, from my unhappy
gums.)   Writing &c.   A letter from George Bolton, in-
closing one from Dick, came yesterday.   The former talks
of a trip westwards towards Lake Huron, in seach of
an eligible farm, and says he can rent one in his present
vicinity for �60 a year.
  23.  Monday.  Finished letter to home.   Chores &c.  Down
town, to Post Office and elsewhere.  A lovely autumnal day,
with a coolness about it delicious but sadly suggestive of
the death of summer.   Busy, and returned tired to din-
ner.    All alone the rest of the day, as usual; not well,
and a trifle melancholic.
  24.  Tuesday.  To Doctor.  Phonography and writing till
dinner, a walk down town after.     Ill.  Another autumn
day, cooler than yesterday, but very beautiful.
  25.  Wednesday.   An �express� drawing on wood from
Alf Waud for me to take to Leslie�s.     He writes that he is
going to Willsboro � I suppose near Lake Winnipissogee �
to join �Mary,� then to New York.   Will Waud �is a fa-
ther � six weeks ago!� Suggestive.   Alf met B. B. Stone
on the day his letter�s dated (who �said he�d met me, last
spring, a devil of a swell!�)   He, Stone, �appears as shift-
less a ever.�         Writing, hard, at story till dinner.
Then down town and got the long due $16 from Frank 
Leslie�s.   Evening partly down stairs.   Folks talking of
an odd incident apropos of Mrs Patten�s visit to a �medium.�
This person, a girl of sixteen, whom she hd never seen be-
fore, spelt out the name of a cousin of hers, travelling in
Europe, imitated coughing and asserted her death � wri-               
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