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Text for Page 188 [08-25-1858]

ting out the name of the scene of her decease �
some German or Russian town.     This was two or three
days ago, Mrs Potter being present.  This afternoon
old Patten brings home a letter verifying all these parti-
culars!       There�s clearly no deception on the part of
the two Mrs P�s, though considering their calibre of intellect,
it would be unsafe to accept their conclusions.      I hear
these things, somehow, without letting them penetrate � a
sort of dead letter listening, as it were � just as though
somebody told me some out o� the way fact in mathema-
tics which I couldn�t understand and shouldn�t care
a straw about.       Mrs Patten is a believer.    I told her
that I feared she wouldn�t win much happiness or tan-
gible satisfaction out of it, when the poor woman, with
tears in her eyes, said I didn�t know how lonely she
was, she had nothing to live for, and if she could only
think that she could communicate with those she loved,
her two dead children, &c &c          Patten, who brattles of
his disbelief in the bible, and once asserted over the sup-
per table that Our Saviour was a black man (!) now pro-
fesses faith in Spiritualism.
  26.  Thursday.  To Doctor�s.    In doors all day, wri-
ting, though unable to do much.   Ill, in pain, and
very lonely.
  27.  Friday.   Writing in the morning.   Downtown af-
ter dinner, encountering by the way Fred Anderson.   He was
talking to two others, and quitted from them to walk beside me.  He
is now a good-ill-looking young man, small and slim, with
a moustache and whiskers  and false-looking eyes.   He said               
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