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Text for Page 190 [08-29-1858]

oddity of a newly wed man being willing to post-
pone his honeymoon. �Perhaps he wanted to make
sure of me!� she replied. �Why didn�t you go with 
him?� I asked. �Oh!  He didn�t want me!�   She was
in lively spirits and looked very well. I had a bit of
wedding-cake and wine, chatting with the three, mother
and daughters.   Johnson called � didn�t say much.
Despire the bride�s light way of talking of things, I
noticed a shade of womanly feeling unusual in her.
There�s something so sacred and touching about marriage
that a woman cannot but show to some advantage in
it.       Left, after an hour�s gossip.
  30.  Monday.   Write to Alf Waud. Out for
two hours before dinner.   Evening down stairs talking
with Mrs Church.                    That most odious of Irish-
men, Pounden pere, has not shown at table for the
last two weeks, being drunk all that time and longer.
He forces his wife to give him money � her earnings. She
wants her son Frank to take him.               She and Mrs
Potter had a jolly row a week agone, for which Mrs
P. was about to clear them out of the house.   It began in
consequence of our landlady asking for money, at which
the other Mrs P. took great offence and denounced her
creditor as a �great fleshy woman who lived in idleness,
while she was working her fingers off her bones� &c.
Subsequently she apologized and they made it up.  The
woman is a worthy woman and has sense, though she
does believe in her husband to a certain extent.    What
would become of the brute did she not!               
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