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Text for Page 191 [08-31-1858]

  31.  Tuesday.  To Doctors.  Subsequently down
Broadway, to purchase photograph views of Niagara
for home and Chacombe.        In doors writing &c du-
ring the afternoon, with the villainous headache which has
plagued me unceasingly for the last week.

  1.  Wednesday.  Leslie, coming home last night, finds Ca-
hill drunk and asleep on the doorstep.  So he � rather roughly,
by his own account � hauls him up stairs, going into Gun�s
room to procure his assistance.     Gun, being only less drunk
than Cahill, and lying on his bed, rises and plunges
head first against the partition door.   All four they tum-
ble up stairs together, Leslie laughing and swearing and
vilifying them.    After a violent concussion against my room-
door (I being abed and my light just out) Leslie got
them into Cahill�s room, where after a good deal of tumb-
ling over one another, incoherent talk, drunken excla-
mations and subdued laughter Cahill was forcibly
put to bed.       It appeared the two, Cahill and Gun
had been celebrating the latter�s birthday at Mataran�s.
Bellew was with them, Haney escaping to Brooklyn.
  Down town to see Broadway preparations for the Tele-
graph Celebration.   Transparencies, inscriptions, preparations
for illumination, a great crowd and a lovely day.
Met Clapp, back from Saratoga & Lake George.   To Pica-
yune & Nic-nax offices, called at Leslie�s (William) and
up town with him to dinner.       Then through the crowd &               
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