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Text for Page 192 [09-01-1858]

bye streets to the Edwards�.    House full of folks.
Haney there.   On the housetop with him, Eliza and
many others, seeing the immense procession.  People every-
where, a hot day, a great time generally.  Procession in
teresting, but monotonous.    Down stairs, tea with a party
of a dozen or two.   At night all out to see the illuminations.
�Matty� walking with me.   The others had got twenty minu-
tes ahead, but we came up with some of them and got parted
again.   A tremendous crowd � Matty stood it capitally.
She is now the prettiest of the sisters, though Eliza�s face pro-
mises the most intellect.   Matty has fair hair, kind eyes
and a sweet face generally.   She is not particularly bril-
liant or clever in talk, but perfectly free from affectation,
good and innocent.    They are a family of good, kind
people and it�s a privilege to know them.  (Cahill had
an invitation to come, but wouldn�t.)     The illuminations
were a great success, the crowd good-humored.   We
outdid all the rest of our party, getting as far as St
Paul�s, returning up town by the 6th Avenue Cars.  To the
house again, and there till midnight, seeing the torch-light
procession.   A pleasant but fatiguing day.
  2.  Thursday.  Writing &c.  Out in the afternoon.
  3.  Friday.  Letters from Alf Waud & from Han-
nah.  Will Waud �gives out that his wedding took place
last October, in Salem.� Out in the afternoon to tailors
&c.   Talking with Mrs Church in the evening.
  4.  Saturday.  With Mrs Potter and Mrs Church, in
carriage, to a pier near the Battery, there to see the latter
embark for Europe in the �Ariel�steamer.   Mrs Eldredge               
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