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Text for Page 197 [09-07-1858]

love-letters now.    So he plays cards and reads Shakspere.
He was really in earnest in his wish to love and be loved,
and I think has shown better throughout the affair than the
lady.   Perhaps �tis a Nemesis for his treatment of little
Miss Brooks!
  8.  Wednesday.  Phonography & writing.   Out for half an
hour before dinner, calling at Arnolds�.   Writing during the
afternoon and till 9; then went to the Edwards�.   Haney
was there.
  9.  Thursday.  Phonography; writing.  Down town in
the afternoon with an intention of going to Corbyn�s, Staten
Island.      Didn�t, but went over to Brooklyn with Pounden.
We encountered Pounden�s baby on the other side of the ferry
in charge of the girl who lives in their house � a relative of
Mrs P�s � who was going to see her sister off.  Pounden
was in great glory and showed pleasantly carrying his boy
home.       Altogether a genial evening.   I had been moved by
the bickerings of husband and wife to venture kindly remon-
strances to either separately.  Both acknowledged the justice
of my remarks, and, I think, tried to restrain themselves.
It was most perceptible in the woman.
  10.  Friday.   To New York.  Very head-achy all day.
Wrote a very long letter to Hannah.
  11.  Saturday.  To Doctor�s & Post Office (Spring St.)
Writing (Paul Gower) the rest of the day.
  12.  Sunday.  Alf Waud appeared at breakfast-time.
He has not yet returned to Wolfborough since his �wife�s�
confinement, consequently does not know the child�s sex.
After an hour in Haney�s room, accompanied him to               
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