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Text for Page 019 [08-25-1849]

              home, albeit he has a hankering Canada-wards.	Joe will,
if he cannot get something to do in New York strike for Connecticut, 
inasmuch as he hears that his former �Boss� is doing well there.
And I�m left alone.
  26. Sunday. A walk by the �sad sea waves� in the Evening, Wing
and George accompanying.	Met Fred and Edward. /	Standing
alone on the end of the little bridge, gazing out on the �brine forever
unfruitful,� feeling Ulysses-like, when he
�Over the fruitless main through trickling tears kept gazing.�
What truth is there in it �	Ah, old Hellenic Islander, Greek
or Asian, whatever and whoever thou wert, well thou knewest
the heart of man.	A glorious world has the devil Mammon
usurped rule over � �Yet a little while, yet a little while.
  {27. Monday.   Drawing each day.	One Evening a sail with
  28. Tuesday.}   George, Wing, and the �Boss� of the latter; and
the other a walk.     Sitting on the door stoop listening to the organ 
of an Italian.	Would it not be possible to travel through the States
thus? I should like it, and am weary of the petty insult and
degradation I have to meet with in the attempt to live by my own art.
  29. Wednesday. Having finished my six drawings, in the after-
noon took them to New York.    Cur Appleton out, but his brother 
(Arcades ambe) there. Left and a walk. Called at Beaver Street,
Heylyn not arrived yet.	Verily his fate is a contrast with mine.
He has but a journey � to sign his name, and �400 are handed               
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