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Text for Page 201 [09-12-1858]

she had big brothers, he thought he might as well
get married to her.            It was reported that the union
had taken place among Alf and Bill�s mutual acquain-
tances and Alf used to contradict it, until, one day,
he questioned his brother, in a shop. �Look here,� said
Alf �am I right in denying that you�re married?� �Why
didn�t you know it?� replies Bill.   Alf said nothing, but
walked away.        A brother of the girls�, on the eve of sailing
for London, wanted to get from Will, his mother�s address,
that he might call on her.      Bill first denied knowing it,
saying only Alf had it, then told a lie about the family
being travelling in Wales.   He didn�t want their real position
to be known, having allowed them � the girls relatives� � to en-
tertian very exaggerated ideas of his social sphere in Lon-
don.   This disgusts Alf straight forward nature.     There
is not much union between the brothers.
  13.  Monday.  Blazing away at Story for Harpers.   Out
in the afternoon, meeting Alf and Cahill in front of the
St Nicholas.   Accompanied the former to Ashton Place, lea-
ving him at the corner.       Writing.  O�Brien up for Haney,
who presently came to bid me to Edwards�.   A letter
from California had informed them that Louisa Edwards
was to be married this day, and her father thought it
only right that a little jollification should celebrate the event.
So he brewed some of his capital punch, the girls were
there, Haney, Cahill and I; we ate cake, drank healths
sang, made speeches and had a good time generally.
  14.  Tuesday.  In doors most of the day.  Waud came
in the morning.  Yesterday he had experienced some disap-               
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