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              [newspaper clipping]
MENT.�A few days ago charges of abduction, seduc-
tion and abandonment were made against one Francis
C. Sexton, at the Essex Market Police Court, before
Justice Steers, who promptly issued his warrant for
the arrest of the accused.  The process was placed in
the hands of Officer Clark of the Fourteenth Precinct,
who a day or two afterward apprehended Sexton and
conveyed him to the Court.  The prisoner was ar-
raigned before Justice Steers and required to find bail
in the sum of $2,000 to answer the complaints, but
being unable to obtain a bondsman, he was lodged in
the Tombs.  An effort was made to keep the matter
strictly private, and the Magistrate, for reasons best
known to himself, refused to permit the reporters to
see the papers.
  The particulars of the case are as follows:  Sexton
some months ago formed the acquaintance of Miss
W���, an interesting girl of 16, who lived with her
parents in Pike street, and was very attentive to her.
His is about 25 years of age, of prepossessing appear-
ance, lived at No. 548 Broome street, and is married
to a beautiful young lady.  Recently he returned to
New-York in the steam frigate Niagara, on board of
which he is said to have been employed.  On Tuesday
afternoon last, a week ago yesterday, Sexton, while
promenading Broadway, met Miss ���, and, after
a short walk with her, induced her to accompany him
to the Western Hotel in Courtland street, where he
told her that he was stopping.  They remained at the
hotel a short time, when Sexton, as is alleged, induced
her to cross the ferry, and, persuading her to enter the
cars, they proceeded to Newark, and put up at a pub-
lic house.
  Late in the afternoon Sexton, as is stated, went
to Miss W. and told her that the cars and steam-
boats had stopped running, and that there was no 
means of their going back to New-York that night.
The young lady appeared in great fear, but he repeat-
edly assured her of his protection, and told her that
they could obtain separate rooms at the hotel and re-
main during the night.  Rooms were so engaged, but
it is alleged that during the night Sexton arose, and by
some means or other, entered the room occupied by
Miss W. and succeeded in violating her person.
  The following day they returned to the city and put
up at the Western Hotel, where they remained two
days, he having meantime succeeded in allaying her
fears, and inducing her not to return to her parents.
On Friday night last, they were both seen at Wallack�s
Theater, and on the following morning Miss W. in-
sisted upon going home to see her parents, whom she
believed would have great fears as to her absence.
Sexton finally consented to her going home, and con-
ducting her to within three or four blocks of her resi-
dence, obtained from her a diamond ring, cross and
chain, bade her adieu, promising to call in the evening
and escort her to someplace of amusement.
  A painful scene ensued upon the arrival of the
young lady and the curtain fell upon her full confession
to her parents.  Yesterday afternoon Offier Webb
served a warrant upon Sexton in prison, the process
setting forth that he had abandoned his wife Cornelia
A. Sexton.  Mrs. Sexton made complaint before Jus-
tice Connolly relative to the abandonment, not being
aware at the time that her husband was then a pris-
oner in the same building.               
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