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Text for Page 204 [09-15-1858]

drenchingly in equinoctial rain.      Years back
I recollect sitting diarizing in Canal St, one night, when
Alf was performing the same voyage for the first time.
What has happened since then?                      Leslie (Wm.)
Gun, and two friends of the former are playing �euchre� in
his room.   Pounden pere has been expelled the house by
Mrs Potter � his wife is here still.          The Pattens went off
for Niagara on Monday.
  16.  Thursday.   Writing hard all day, from 9 A.M. till
midnight.  O�Brien came up in the evening after Haney (who
had gone to Clapp�s), said he wanted a plot � had a three act
comedy to write � Collins the actor wanted him to do it � he
had �been modest� and asked $350 � Collins said he�d give
$500.          Erin go Brag!
  17.  Friday.  An inter-letter from mine own dear Han-
nah, announcing that her sister Charlotte has a daughter
� all well and exultant.    Charley and Rosa Bolton are
excursionizing to Wales and the Isle of Man.          Finish-
ed thirty page story, down town, saw Bonner by 2 � at
Harpers, returned to dinner by omnibus.          Evening,
leaving Gun, Kendall and Leslie playing �poker� in the
room of the latter, strolled to Mrs Jewells.    She talking with
�the Doctor,� her daughters out on a carriage excursion
With �a gentleman they knew.�  Stopped half an hour, admi-
red the new carpet with which they�ve furnished the room,
then went to Edwards�.    Sally & Eliza had gone to bed,
Mr and Mrs E. were in the work room with John and
Matty, the latter trying a sewing machine, a new $125
investment of her mothers.    As the pretty girl sat bending               
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