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Text for Page 206 [09-17-1858]

up stairs and saw him to bed, looking into Gun�s
room by the way.   Gun was abed and shammed sleep.  It
proved that Cahill had been mulishly obstinate in his
resolve not to go to roost, that Gun fearing he�d follow
him did he attempt to rejoin us, had left him on another
doorstep and gone home himself.    Cahill had been to
the Opera with Sol Eytinge and Thomson; all of the party
� so Cahill says � were drunk before they went there. Doe-
sticks went into the Tribune office � the sale room � wanted
to borrow $5, bullied the pay-master on his refusing, got
the money � had a friendly boxing match with Sol in the
street, rode up town with the others in the omnibus and
flared up generally.   Little Nast was with them � drunk
also.     How they separated Cahill couldn�t recollect.  He
remembers introducing himself and being introduced to
a number of people, Maretzek, Massett (Pipes of Pipes-
ville) etc., going to sleep on the stairs or elsewhere, and
being woke up by one of the employe�s shutting up the
theatre.                 He�s not slept at home this two nights.
  18.  Saturday.  Cahill remorseful � a little so.  Talk-
ed to him a bit.    To Spring St Post Office.   Yesterday, be-
fore entering Harper�s, I met Colonel Forbes.  He looked not
the trim ex-military man I knew once, displayed a yes-
terday�s beard and was shabby generally.       In the
afternoon over to Parton�s.    Went with Grace to the Thom-
son�s in the evening.    Doesticks� pretty little wife has
been quite sick having kept her bed for some weeks � this
day being the first upon which she had abandoned it.  She
looked very poorly, her face quite thin.  I judge she is               
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