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Text for Page 209 [09-27-1858]

at my irruption.    Conductor came along, wanted
ticket.   My not having procured one at the dep�t would
cost me $ 3 more � unless I could dart out and procure 
one at a way-side office where the locomotive was hitched
on.     This I did.     All right, now!    A hot day. Break-
fasted on my sandwiches and a bottle of Bass�.       The
Hudson river and rail, pretty familiar glimpses of the
latter.   Some brief pauses at stations, as Po�keepsie
&c.   Cars very full. N.Y. papers : got Tribune.  View
of the old Catskills � little Athens, Hudson.   Albany.
Across the river by ferryboat, through avenue of hack-drivers
into cars again; off, after some delay.  Sunny afternoon.
Apple-buying where the train stopped for �refreshment.� By
7 � we reach Rochester.  No Heylyn � consulted address, and
to his lodgings, near by.     He ill, in bed.     Friendly welcome
from Mrs H.         Saw Heylyn � looks plump and burly � des-
ondent and floored � thinks he�s going to die (so Mrs H told
me) � only a bit of a bilious attack, severe in its way but
not dangerous.    Talked with Mrs H., after supping, and
to bed with a young country fellow, a boarder in the house.
He came from near Byron, knew the Halls and told me
some news of them.   The old man (�Screw Hall� he called him �
he is generally known by it, from his invention) has the reputation
of being litigious and ingenuous: Homer is as wont, and
�Captain�Hall � the elder son of the family, who got married at
Dobs � is said to be in Australia.                More news of former
acquaintance.    Heylyn says that my respectable cousin has left
Rochester and is �butchering� in Batavia, a place some dozen
or more miles from it.     Dick Gunn�s wife died, previous to               
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