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Text for Page 210 [09-27-1858]

which he led a rather drunken life, reforming a little
subsequently.    He has three or four children, now in Roches-
ter, who, Heylyn thought, had been adopted by people.   Mrs H.
said she had thought of taking one.
  28.  Tuesday.   Intended to have pursued my journey by
10 3/4 A. M. but owing to there being a quarter of an hours
difference between Rochester time � as indicated by Heylyn�s
clock and railroad-time, got left.   Out with Mrs H.  Through
the crack street to the Arcade.   Introduced to a Mr Warne, an
English born chum of Heylyn�s, at a book store.   There half an
hour, Mrs H. leaving me.    Out to take a drink with Warne,
then a ramble through the city by myself.    To the falls.  Back.
Cheering up Heylyn the rest of the day with considerable re-
sult.   Fetched Warne in the evening.       Found him busy, the
N.Y. papers just come in.   Sat talking and smoking with
him till 11, Mrs H. keeping us company part of the time.
  29.  Wednesday.  Off after a bottle of pale ale with Warne.
Some delays on the train.    Across the Suspension Bridge
at Niagara, with a distant view of the falls.   Dep�t on the other
side.   Nearly three hours delay before I could go on to Hamilton
and so to Paris.   Left baggage and took a tramp along the
road till in sight of the cataracts, there ate my bread and
cheese and drank a bottle of Scotch ale.   Back to dep�t. More
delay � the train behind time, in consequence of a fair at Toron-
to.  This delayed us still further on the route.    Got to Paris
by 9 P. M. seeing nothing but a station and the black night.
Into omnibus and a mile�s ride to town.   To bed at the little
hotel where the vehicle stopped at.
30.	Thursday.   Inquired my way and set off, leaving               
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