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Text for Page 211 [09-30-1858]

impedimenta behind, for Mr John Conworth�s.  Climb-
ing the hill, had a pretty view of Paris.  Wooden houses and
plenty of them, trees, a river, (the Grand river) a longish
railroad bridge, mills and indications of quiet prosperity.
It has ^|between| four and five thousand population, thirteen years ago
it had about the same number of hundreds.  Yet folks don�t
speak of it as a progressing place.   A three-mile tramp through
very well cultivated country.  Stopped at Mr Martin�s a
relative of the Conworth�s, found I�d overshot my mark a little, 
struck off down a road and across fields to a handsome brick-
built Tuderish house � completed about ten months back.
Only Miss Sarah Conworth was at home.  Joined George Bolton
who was out gunning two fields off.         The absent members of
the Conworth family had gone to Brantford, a town some twelve
miles distant.  With George all day.     Out shooting in the after-
noon.  Introduced to a Mr John Tew one of a stalwart family
of four, Warwickshire born, Canadians of thirteen years
standing.     Mr John Conworth, his brother William (my fellow
voyager across the Atlantic) and Edwin returned home in the
evening.  I got the heartiest and kindest welcome � nowhere but
in dearly-loved Chacombe have I experienced a warmer. To bed
very happy and liking Canada immensely.             All the house-
hold superintendance falls on Miss Conworth, and she, though
unused to it, acquits herself nobly.  Her health is better than
when in England. She seems to be less �shy.�  I remember when
her extreme diffidence amounted to almost a disease.      The
old gentleman, father of the famiy is visiting some relatives
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