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Text for Page 228 [10-14-1858]

� like to die, but was now better.   To the Niagara
House.    Miss Weighty gone to Buffalo, to purchase oysters,
and what not for the tomorrow nights� banquet which is to be held
in this house, at the cost of the vanquished party � that
which brings in fewer head of game than it�s competitor.
It was close upon dinner-time when I returned.   That meal
over, I set off again, crossing to the Canadian shore in
the boat, in front of the two cataracts.     Spent the afternoon
till near sunset on the British side, on the cliffs and
below, principally in company with a Mr Goodwin � I
suspect a Quebec man � who crossed in the same boat.
Up a tall Pagoda-like affair kept by a London Jew, close
by the Cataract.   Below, under Table Rock and the sheet
of water, on our own hook, sans guides.  There are now
three staircases, one the old one, on either side of which
are the Jew�s and a spacious rocky-stepped one � the latter
owned by nobody in particular, and the best of the three.
Down upon the monstrous fragment of Table Rock which
lies on the ever troubled water.   You get a tremendous view
of the Horseshoe Fall here, as I found out years ago.
Up, slightly wet and weary, to the deserted Clifton
House, then crossed in the boat again to the U. S. side.
To supper, then by 8. called for Goodwin at the Inter-
national, having appointed to guide him through and
over Goat Island.      Very dark, no moon or stars visible.
The Cataracts looked, as usual, very grand and savage
nocturnally.  Had a pipe on top of the Terrapin tower, 
stayed awhile, then back to the village, parted with my
companion, and to bed at the Niagara House.  Weighty               
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