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Text for Page 235 [10-19-1858]

know her if she didn�t speak first.    Nothing else
passed.  Leslie reports that she is going to get married to
a West Point cadet, aged 24 � that she visits him � that
she has commenced a law suit against her husbands relations
relative to her diminished income.    This, no doubt, is solely
owing to the times, stocks and such property being naturally
depreciated.   The woman is such a fool that she can�t see
why her income should be less than before the panic.      The
lawyers tell her it will prove a three years case, and will
of course deplete her horribly.   Her husband�s relatives,
the Gouverneurs, are a good family � high bred, honorable
people and this low woman has been a thorn in their sides
ever since her deceased husband was captivated by her face.
She was get up carefully this morning, but looked older and
rather haggard.        The poor old woman, Mrs Cooper, had
to walk up hill, three miles, when she arrived at Cold
Spring, so the fortnights holiday brought more fatigue than
pleasure to her.  Leslie got his particulars of Mrs G. from
the old woman.       Cahill received notice to quit yesterday
morning from Mrs Potter, and has done so.     He owes
upwards of $115.   His career has not varied except for
the worse, during my holiday � everybody has seen him
drunk, and some know of his connection with a girl of
the town.  Messages from women have arrived at the house
both for him and Bob Gun: in one instance a female � a negress�
called, during the small hours, wanting to see the latter
who was abed and asleep.     She left a message to the pur-
port that �his lady� was sick!       Cahill�s mistress is a
mulatto or yellow girl and did live in a Wooster street               
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