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Text for Page 238 [10-19-1858]

evening at the Edwards� with the girls and Haney.
  20.  Wednesday.  Down town.  To Frank Leslie�s, saw
Wood.   He�s been to Canada of late to visit a brother.  Sol
Eytinge wanted to go to sketch the fight � for the so-called
championship, between the Americo-Irish pugilists hight
Morrissey and Heenan � which is making a great sensation
Here � but Leslie wouldnt come down with $100 which
he demanded for expenses.   So little Nast went. Thomson
goes to report for the Tribune.      Talking of Cahill, Wood
told how, one night, he being drunk and desirous to escape
to �his girl� got out of Bob Gunns window on to the portico
� a high and dangerous one!        Hither and thither, retur-
ning to dinner.       Chores and writing.
  21.  Thursday.  Very busy.   Mrs Eldredge, Jenny, Mrs
Strong and two of her children arrived � the latter party
don�t stay here.      Last night, went to Mrs Carpenter�s
� sister of Mrs Potter and Griffin � having a commision
from the latter.
  22.  Friday.  Wet.  In-doors drawing all day.  Sub-
jects for Nic-nax.
  23.  Saturday.  Down town calls.   Met O�Brien
and anon Tom Picton with Raymond � not the Times edi-
tor but a friend of Bellews.       Hither and thither, Post-
Office, tailors, and other places.    Writing in the after-
noon.       Have just scored up the last twenty pages � or
rather finished doing so, being on and off it for the last
four days.      Writing to Mrs Church at night.   Found Gun
in Leslie�s room by 11 and presently Cahill came.  I pre
sume he shared Gun�s bed subsequently.               
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