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Text for Page 239 [10-24-1858]

  24. Sunday.  With Haney to Brooklyn. Parton�s.
Grace in bed, not well, the others as usual.   Sol Eytinge
had sent an invitation to them yesterday, to keep up his
birth-night.  They have met at Thomsons.    After dinner
took my departure and to Hampden St. �Chips�quite well
again.    Saw little Nast�s sletches of the fight � very good
ones.    To Pounden�s, and by 8 back to New York.  A
dank, raw, moist day and night.      To Chapins � another
man preaching � anon to Edwards.�           In one of the eve-
ning papers there�s a column and a half of Autobiography
by old Nathaniel Willis, father of N. P. and �Fanny Fern.�
She, showing it to me, added the verbal anecdotes.  One, that
during her mother�s last illness, Fanny�s first husband paid
for the medecine, which her father � a wealthy man � de-
murred to do on account of its cost.     The other; subsequent
to his wife�s death, he removed her artificial teeth and sold
the.      The dentist, says Fanny, told of it!             He � the
elder Willis � is a very religious man.
  25.  Monday.  To doctor.   Drawing on wood. Writing.
Out in the afternoon for an hour met Wurzbach � he�s left Les-
lie�s. (He�s so long-faced, is Wurzbach, thast he looks like a
horse.)     Writing at night till 10, then out to Haney�s
with Leslie.         Cahill pretty constantly occupies Gun�s room
at night, my Scotch namesake being worse accommodated.
  26.  Thursday.  Finished letter to Mrs Church.  Did
drawing on wood.  Out to Post Office &c.   Evening went
to Mrs Jewells.   They are going to sell off furniture on
Monday next and to go to boarding again.    Mrs Sexton�s
amiable husband has been transferred from the Tombs               
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