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Text for Page 240 [10-26-1858]

to Newark, where he is to be tried.   She confidently
expects his acquittal, and proposes to go to Montreal with
him for the winter.
  27.  Wednesday.  Did drawing on wood.  Down town
to Nassau St.     Wrote to Heylyn at night.      Mrs Gouver-
neur and her child May are here again, temporarily.
  28.  Thursday.  To Post-office, after breakfast.  Draw-
ing till 4, then down town to Nic-nax and Pic Offices.
Found Cahill at the latter and he walked up-town
with me.   He has no boarding-place at present.  Talk-
ing of Gun�s not showing himself at table for the last
ten days, Cahill intimated that he, Gun, was wroth at
boarding-house tattle anent his misdoings � in special about
�everybody knowing� that a woman had called during the small
hours with a message that �Mr Gun�s friend was sick
and wanted him to come round to her.  The honest servant-
girl who was aroused from sleep to answer the door wouldn�t
let the messenger up-stairs to him.       As for his indignation
and way of showing it, it reminds one of Johnson�s idiot,
who, when angered, went out and slept on the bridge all night.
Met Hilliard this afternoon.  He lives in New York now �
23, 12th, near 7th Avenue.         With Haney in the evening
to Bellews.      His present residence is in 52nd street,
between the 7th and 8th Avenue.   Found him at work in
his studio as of old.        The Major came in once while we
were there.                    Apropos of Bellew, his brother Bec-
ket is a character.       He�s a �doggy� young man.  Having
got a berth of overseer or on-looker at the Central Park,
now in the course of construction up town, he lives adja-               
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