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Text for Page 241 [10-28-1858]

cent, keeping any number of �dorgs�.  The Irishmen
employed under him present them to cur-ry favor bringing an animal with,
�Misther Bellew, youre�a gintleman as understhands him
� take him and kape him, Ser �� having refused so many
dollars from a man �as wouldn�t appreciate him.�  He came
up town with some rats in his pocket one of whom escaped in
the cars, up a man�s coat-sleeve and over his shoulder, when
Becket declared that he had trained the animal from its ear-
nest youth and wouldn�t have parted with it for any money.
There was quite an excitement in the car.    Previously some
of the vermin had got loose in the Picayune office, besides severe-
ly biting their owners fingers � on which provocation he broke
one of their jaws.  This was the one which escaped in the car.
  29.  Friday. Writing to Boutcher.  A dull, dismal,
rainy day.  Leslie gone to Philadelphia � not a wooing.
  30.  Saturday.  Continuous rain.  To Spring St.
Wrote to Dillon Mapother, and to Hannah.     Haney
has been absent from the house for two days, probably
over in Brooklyn.        Cahill and Gun passed through the
hall, just after supper, and ascended the stairs to the
room of the latter.           Mrs Gouverneur has recei-
ved two letters from Rawson. He is in Mexico, acting as
interpreter for �a company,� complains of his health and
wishes he had gone west.             Mrs G. has also �resolved�
to send both May and Gladdy to separate boarding-schools.
She cannot, says my informant, Mrs Potter, manage either
of them, and the boy knows all his mothers weaknesses
and plays upon them.        These may be the reasons,
or maybe she wants them out of the way, in considera-               
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